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Get Involved

Want to support North of Main and local community projects?

Find out below how you can get involved with NoMa and become part of a team fostering positive relationships throughout the local Binghamton community!


Donations are a crucial driver in our ability to cater to our community. These donations help fund our weekly community events and seasonal activities to provide you with the best possible resources!


NoMa is continuing its growth and expanding its reach and commitment to the local community. Volunteers are always welcome to contribute to this effort. Click the button below to contact us!


Closet Organizer

Help sort and organize clothes that have been donated to us throughout the week and prepare it for our Clothing Closet event.

Kitchen Aid

Lend a hand in the kitchen on Tuesdays helping set up, prep, cook, and serve our local community fresh cooked meals.

Office Assistant

Help in the day-to-day functions of running a non-profit and get a first-hand look on what it takes to run a successful organization.

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